Tech 21 Liberty Pure - Grosvenor

Tech 21

售價 HK$186.00 定價 HK$620.00

Inspired by a 1968 paisley floral, Grosvenor features large trails of Central Asian-style paisley leaves, linked by small flowers and arranged in garland-like shapes.
  1. 6.6ft/2.0m Drop Protection : Scientifically proven to protect drop after drop.
  2. Elegant design : crossover Liberty-London ; with UV-yellowing resistance keeps your case clearer for longer than ever.
  3. Slim Profile : Protect your phone without adding unnecessary bulk.
  4. Stay Connected :Tested to work perfectly with wireless connectivity.
  5. Contains BulletShield : Used in bulletproof glass,protected from drops
  6. Scratch and smudge resistant finish