Red Clay Powder


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Extracted from a quarry in the Auvergne near Puy-en-Velay, NAJEL Cosmos Natural red clay is 100% natural. Rich in the trace elements and mineral salts required for good skin health, red clay cleans and remineralises the skin and repairs and purifies it to leave your complexion radiant.

Its red colour stems from its high iron oxide content. Well-known for its absorbent power, red clay eliminates impurities and cleans the pores. It’s used mainly as a base for masks and body wraps, but is also widely used for making make-up (powder, foundation, blusher or eye shadow).

Red clay is suitable for all skin types for the care of the hair.

It’s a complexion treatment bringing brightness to dull complexions and reducing blemishes. Its remineralising and detoxifying action helps your skin recover its balance and vitality. Its natural red colour adds radiance to your complexion from the first time you use it.

Clay is mainly used mixed with water to make masks to apply to the required area, on the face or hair.

Packed in a natural satin PP pot with a lid and seal

Useful tips: 

To fight against premature aging of the skin and remove the redness, Najel suggest you to make your own mask: 

-3 teaspoons of red clay powder

-4 teaspoons of Najel's Damascus Rose Water 

Mix these two ingredients to form a paste and apply the mask on your face and neck. Leave on for 15 minutes. Clean your skin with warm water.

With this simple and natural recipe, your skin is free from all impurities and your complexion will be bright.  

For all preparations, it is recommended to use glass, wood or stoneware containers and spoons, rather than plastic or metal equipment which may alter the properties of the clay.

To stimulate circulation, put a good handful of red clay with 50 ml of peppermint hydrolate into your bath. Then, massage all over, avoiding contact with eyes, to stimulate the blood circulation and bring about a sensation of true well-being.

Suitable for all skin types.

(Our suggestions: Oily Skin - Green Clay, Normal Skin - Red Clay, Dry and Sensitive Skin - White Clay)

Content: 150g

Made in France