M-XG Ergonomic Silent Bluetooth Mouse


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The design is born from the shape of the hand, and realizes even better grip. Equipped with a Blue LED sensor that can be operated comfortably anywhere, and a multi-pairing function that allows you to switch between two PCs with a single touch.



Focus on the thumb and ring finger that are most frequently used when "grasping" and "moving left and right" the mouse. Designing the shape to fit these four points.

It is equipped with a Blue LED that reflects light more accurately even with small irregularities and dust, and can be used comfortably anywhere.


Technical Specifications

Compatible model: Windows OS, macOS, iOS, iPad OS equipped machines that support Bluetooth (R) HID profile

Connection Type: Bluetooth 3.0 Class 2

Number of buttons: 5 (including wheel button)

Wireless range: 10 m 

Weight: 87g ( excluded batteries)

Warranty: 6 months