Paper Like screen protector for iPad 10.2 inch


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An anti-fingerprint and anti-reflection paper-like display protective film that protects the screen of the iPad 9th generation (2021 model), iPad 10.2 inch 2020 model, and iPad 10.2 inch 2019 model from scratches and dirt. The special surface provides a tactile  feeling of drawing on Kent paper with a pencil.

  • An airless type that uses a special adsorption layer that makes bubbles less noticeable over time.
  • It has an anti-fingerprint coating that makes it difficult for fingerprints to get dirty.
  • Hard coat processing with a pencil hardness of 3H prevents scratches on the film surface. * Hardness is the actual value.
  • It supports touch screen input that allows you to operate the main unit even with the film attached.
  • Paste and can be re-pasted.
  • Comes with a special spatula that allows the film to be attached neatly, a cleaning cloth, and a dust removal sticker.
  • Made in Japan