Offtoco 2STYLE camera backpack


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2STYLE camera backpack "off toco" that can be used as a normal bag by removing the attached camera inner box.

Arranged storage openings that can be taken out immediately from both sides.

When not using the camera, you can use it as a normal backpack by removing the inner box.

There is a dedicated camera storage port that allows you to quickly remove the camera lens from both sides. You can quickly take out the camera lens without taking down the bag. Uses a handle-type double zipper opening and closing structure that can be taken out immediately. A magnet is used for the fastener closure.

Comes with a camera inner box with a zipper opening and closing handle that is ideal for storage and carrying. There is a partition plate that can be adjusted according to the size of the camera and lens.

A personal computer up to 15.6 inches can be stored independently on the back.

EVA cushioning material is used on the back. It reduces the burden when you carry it on your back. There are two zipper pockets that allow you to store small items immediately without taking down your bag.

A rain cover is stored on the bottom. You can protect your equipment from sudden rain by covering it with a bag.


Product Specifications


Material: Front side: Polyester (water repellent) / Bottom: Hypalon rubber (water repellent) / Back side: Polyester

Weight: 1750g