off toco 2STYLE camera backpack (PINK label model)


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"off toco" camera backpack that can be used as a normal bag by removing the inner case when not using the camera.

✅There is a dedicated camera storage port that allows you to quickly take out the camera and lens from either the left or right side.

✅ The camera storage port uses a handle-type double fastener that can be taken out immediately and a magnet flap that can be opened and closed smartly without making noise.

✅The camera inner case has a partition plate that can be adjusted according to the size of the camera and lens.

✅Equipped with a dedicated pocket that can store a computer up to 14 inches.

✅The upper storage space can store wallets and water bottles, as well as a mesh pocket and a zipper pocket that are convenient for storing small items.

✅On the front, there is a zipper pocket that can be opened and closed in a large L shape, making it easy to take out small items such as notebooks.

✅On the back, there is a zipper pocket that can store smartphones etc. without taking down the bag.

✅A ring-shaped fastener metal fitting is used, and a padlock can be locked to prevent theft.

✅Water repellent treatment is applied to the entire surface fabric.