Natural White Clay Powder


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Extracted from a quarry in the Auvergne near Puy-en-Velay, NAJEL Cosmos Natural white clay is 100% natural. Rich in mineral salts (iron, magnesium, silica), white clay is known for its cleansing, softening and purifying properties.

White clay is used as a mask for the face and hair or as a poultice on the skin for its repairing, antiseptic, healing and anti-inflammatory virtues. It is particularly suitable for delicate, dry, sensitive skins. Versatile, white clay is used to make cosmetic products such as masks, toothpaste and make-up and also in the composition of clay stone, a multi-purpose cleaner for the home.

Tested and approved - usage test carried out in a laboratory with a panel of 20 consumers. 100% positive results.

Clay is mainly used mixed with water to make masks to apply to the required area, on the face or hair.

Useful tip: to avoid neutralising some of the properties of the clay, make your masks in ceramic, wooden or plastic bowls rather than metal ones.

Our suggestions: Oily Skin - Green Clay, Normal Skin - Red Clay, Dry and Sensitive Skin - White Clay 

Packed in a natural satin PP pot with a lid and seal.

Ingredients: KAOLIN.

Cosmos Natural certified by Ecocert Greenlife in accordance with the Cosmos standard available on

Made in France