"GRAPH GEAR NEO" professional camera backpack


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The camera backpack "GRAPH GEAR NEO" is equipped with all three elements a professional needs: fast shooting, storage and lightness.

Quick access

  • Remove the camera lens from the left or right side while wearing the backpack
  • Zippered shoulder strap pocket on shoulder strap for SD card and more
  • One zippered waistband pocket on the left and right sides of the waistband for easy storage of lens caps, etc.
  • There are zippered back pockets on the left and right sides on the back for small items or smartphones.


  • The main space is provided with partitions and a fall arrest plate. The front of the main space can be opened and closed widely, so it is easy to get in and out.
  • There's a laptop storage space on the back that can store computers up to 15.6 inches on its own. Also, there is an A4 sized pocket in the space where you can store documents separately
  • A belt with two buckles and a storage pocket are placed on the front of the bag to securely attach the tripod. * The storage bag can be stored under the front.
  • There are pockets on both sides of the back for convenient storage of drinks and folding umbrellas.


  • Four-point shoulder straps adjust the distance and depth
  • 18mm thick honeycomb back pad, faster heat dissipation and perspiration
  • Detachable chest buckle for further support points
  • A rain shield is attached at the bottom to easily cope with bad weather