FITTIO Comfortable Long Mouse Pad


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  • Relieve the fatigue caused by keyboard operation. 
  • Developed in cooperation with Yokohama Rehabilitation Center.
  • Has a shape that fits the wrist.
  • Similar to the flexibility of human skin. 
  • Made in Japan

Fatigue reduction palm rest "FITTIO" with 3 prescriptions to relieve fatigue caused by keyboard operation.

Collaborative development with Yokohama Rehabilitation Center

"FITTO" was created through joint development with the Yokohama Rehabilitation Center.

The Yokohama Rehabilitation Center supports the lives of people with disabilities through joint development of welfare equipment with companies and universities.

Currently, personal computers are used by a wide range of age groups, from children to the elderly, and are indispensable in daily life. When using the keyboard of a computer, if you place your hand directly on the table, the pressure will be concentrated on the bones (protruding part) at the base of your hand.

FITTIO's palm rest :

(1) It has a shape that fits the wrist.

(2) Exgel®, which is used as a cushioning material for wheelchairs and has flexibility similar to human skin, is used.

It is believed that these features help disperse the pressure on the base of the hand and relieve local pressure concentration.

“In this collaborative development, we evaluated the usability from the prototype stage and measured the pressure on the contact surface between the palm rest and the hand. FITTIO's palm rest is intended to be a product that is friendly to the elderly and people with disabilities. By using FITTIO, I hope that many people will be able to work comfortably on their PCs.”

- Hiroshi Iijima, Technical Advisor, Research and Development Division, Yokohama Rehabilitation Center