SD & microSD card case


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A total of 72 SD cards and 36 microSD cards can be stored together. A DVD case-sized SD & microSD card storage with an index card and number label for cards organization.



Securely protect your memory card

The storage tray is made of a material with an appropriate cushioning property to firmly protect the memory card. In addition, it can be stored compactly by stacking an SD card and a microSD card, and a microSD to SD conversion adapter can also be stored.

Properly manage the data contents of multiple SD cards

It has an index card that is convenient for checking the saved data, and a number label that can be attached to the SD card. By linking the index card, number label, and tray numbering, you can manage the data contents properly even if you are using multiple SD cards.


Product Specifications

Dimensions: W139mm x H191 mm X D15MM